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         A harsh wind blows through the dead valley of the black forest, a place long forgotten but alive with an evil of its own. The wolves are hungry once again and baying at the door, you might have to fight your way out of here!

         The Black Forest is a fully functional Neverwinter Nights adventure module. Neverwinter Nights is a true conversion of the 3rd Edition D&D rule system ported to a computer role playing game created by BioWare that has a fully programmable toolset, which you can create your own modules within. Using this toolset, along with my own scripts, The Black Forest was created.

         The module takes place in the heart of a forest that never sees the light of day. An old lady asks for your help. Do you come to her aid, helping the family that now lives in this evil place? You'll unravel a dark plot between the Yuan-Ti and the Vampires, with a few quests and a twist to the ending. This game is my first attempt at programming a module for the Neverwinter Nights game system. The Black Forest is a hack and slash game with no real puzzles to work out, mostly a dungeon crawl. Designed for a first level character to fight his or her way up to sixth level before completing the game, it takes around six hours to finish from beginning to end.

         I hope you enjoy your adventure, and if you have any questions please send an e-mail to me at darkstar@infodarkness.com

Since 25-April-2005

Last update: 23-July-2007

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